Beehive Spring Sale

Whilst the design team are working on next Autumns knitwear ranges with new suppliers and concepts we are having a clear out..For those of us who still have snow – here is a treat.

End of Season Sale is now live… Fill yer boots :0))
We will let you know when more lines are added to the sale and of pop up shops we will have in 2018

Newcastle Start Up Week

Paul from Plan Digital gave a great keynote at our Q1 Steamd Briefing and he’s set to deliver even more value to the region with Newcastle Start Up Week in May.

From the world’s first lightbulb to business software & smart data, the ‘test bed city’ of Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England has been inventing the future for centuries.

It’s also a stunningly beautiful city with wonderfully warm & friendly people, a high quality yet low cost of living, five excellent universities nearby, great transport links to the rest of the UK & a thriving tech/digital/creative sector.

If you have a business idea but don’t know how to start, have already launched but need motivation, advice or funding to keep going, or want help taking things to the next level – our 5-day, citywide & multi-venue festival is for you!

Tickets via Eventbrite

STEAMD Symposium 2018



A Symposium for curious kids, creative thinkers and those of you who want to create an impact and be part of something bigger than yourself.

Shining a light on the latest research, design thinking and local initiatives to make the world a better place from within the digital and creative industries from up North.

A full programme of inspirational speakers, panel discussions and fringe events that will inspire, inform and connect you to the industry leaders within the creative industries.

Absorb the contagious energy and practical guidence of those who have walked the entrepreneurial path before you.

Take away a swag bag full of actionalable and practical tools to ignite your career, start or grow your business.

Tickets via Eventbrite

Common x Collective #STEAMD events

Following on from a successful Q1 STEAMD Briefing …

As part of Common x Collectives schedule

Q2 STEAMD Briefing is an injection of inspiration, practical advice and networking for those looking to start up or step up their Digital & Creative Businesses.

Pre start, Sole trader, Micro, Small and SME’s all welcome who operate in the Digital and creative Industries.

1. Briefing ( with updates on Sector data, Directory, Symposium and Subscriptions)
2. Showcase ‘A Heritage of Disruptive Innovation’
3. Soap Box If you would like to showcase your business / share an idea / share challenges then drop us a line and we’ll give you a mic and a soapbox 😉

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As an integrated creative studio we do so many projects that are launched independently, that sometimes you would never know the extent and breadth of our capabilities and work undertaken.

So this new ( Intentionally Simple ) digital space is a place to share what we have done and what we are up to, wether it be in house or with clients.

When something happening it will be shared here in the News Feed.

If you would like to learn more do not hesitate to get in touch.